welcome to
“the capital of wise-money”

In Vera Capital we believe “wise money” for entrepreneurship
which means money for scalable growth and guidance for rise to the top.


bu kısma sektörümüz ile ilgili ya da Vera Capital ile ilgili bir rakam/büyüklük paylaşmak istiyoruz.

How we help your business thrive

A capital is an ecosystem which has it’s own risks, gains, chaoses, traffic…etc. This is why we see private equity investment and asset management like a capital city. Especially the city we’re based in: Istanbul. What do we do? We’re a family office which works with entrepreneurs and investors to approach highest profits by taking lowest risks. In the challenging jungle/nature of a capital city you need a network to trust, know-how to survive and rapidity to act in time. We have all these three for a massive growth.

angels of capital


Like a capital city full of opportunities we have an intensive research process to discover potential “smart dreamers”/entrepreneurs/high caliber talents to invest. We grow our own investment with strategic guidance, insights, resources and creating a hands-on involvement. Our management team have the best practices that fuel value creation. We’re looking for the right talent with right opportunity.

growth of capital


The instant spirit of a crowded capital city needs flexible movements to find your way in a strict traffic. We invest our own capital and this is our secret in acting resilient and express.
We work with the investors who have similar mindset and unique approach. We grab opportunities in technology, finance, basic materials, goods and services sectors. Hence growth is a question of vision and timing.

exceptions of capital


The capital city is full of unexpected surprises both in good and bad ways. You need to be creative to find out some new solutions and
answers for special situations. Our credibility and experience on middle market helps us to conjoin our capital with other investors easily. Partnerships with owners, managers and creditors… This is why we grow stage companies into market leaders.

chances of capital


Real estate is one of the biggest occasions in a capital city for
maximizing value of your investments. This is why we focused on Turkey and Northern Europe as the growing parts of world in real estate sector. Green field, office, large scale residential and mix use projects are potential assets for growth oriented targets. Take your chance.